[HYPE] Stormaddedon to Destroy Oklahoma [\end HYPE]

I survived the storms last night.  A few downed branches and leaves….EVERYWHERE, but I survived.  I lost power twice and internet didn’t come back on untill this morning. There were no hail dents on my car. The only damages that I found were a blown over trashcan and a cracked pane of glass in my spare room.

Work this morning was surprisingly mild.  We only had one major event that did not resolve itself. After an energetic night storm like this we usually have four or five sites that are down for one reason or another.

I understand the dangers of powerful storms, I’ve lived in oklahoma most of my life. It is nothing new, but the storm hype seems to grow each year.  I don’t think the TV channels make a lot of money by preempting everything (even commercials) on a storm night.  I have seen several FB post and tweets angry with the preempting of the entire night. Saying that they only need to interrupt TV when danger is impending.  I think it might be too late if they do, but I can’t help think that it isn’t done out of pure goodness and interest in public safety.

As it turns out I am not wrong that they don’t do it out of the goodness of their hearts. If a television station that has weather service does not preempt TV for a disaster warning they can lose their FCC license. The guidelines say that tv stations are free to use the airways as long as it is clear that they are providing a public service.

‘…each radio and television licensee is required by law to operate its station in the “public interest, convenience and necessity.”’ – FCC

In effect they are providing this public service in their own self interest. This trade off benefits both parties.  The hype though, that needs to stop.  I have been reading FB posts for a week before this storm.

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