Outlander, Time-Traveling Romance.


Maybe you’ve seen Outlander on Stars. I watched the first few episodes during one of the free Stars weekends, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Several years ago I attempted to read the first book written by Diana Gabaldon, and I did not stick with it. Not because I didn’t like it but because it was a large book and the first in a series. At the time I wasn’t prepared to make the commitment to a series this large.


It wasn’t until last year that I picked it up again, but this time it was an audio book. I must say it is one of the best audio book productions I have ever listened. I am secretly in love with Davina Porter’s voice.

The series currently contains eight hefty books and several short stories and could provide a reader with several months of material, especially if you read the spinoff series Lord John that take place between, or during events of the main series.


The main series follows a nurse form 1945 England named Claire Randall through a not-so-technical-event (read magical) finds herself in 1740’s Scotland. She meets and falls in love with a highlander Jamie Frazer. The books is full of adventure and romance, but not enough of either to be singly classified as an Adventure or a Romance book. It is a good mix of the two, and its fantasy/sci-fi roots are so subtle you hardly feel that it’s a sub theme that could be considered out of place.

I have always had a soft spot for a good romance. I feel the best stories all include a great romance. The love story between Claire and Jaime is wonderful and throughout the series we get to see them age and grow old together. I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series, but don’t feel like you have to wait until the last book in the series is written. The last book does leaving you wanting more and somewhat sad that there isn’t another one to read.

The time travel in this book is magical and not technical, and it doesn’t rely on complicated explanations, the time travel just is. As the character learn more about the phenomenon so does the reader. Never once did I feel like the author was purposely talking over my head to gloss over the glaring problems with time travel.

I recommend this series for fans of romance, adventure and fantasy. It truly is the perfect blend for opening minds up to other genres.

One thought on “Outlander, Time-Traveling Romance.

  1. I love reading and watching anything Outlander. As I watched the final season of Downton Abbey, my iTunes recommend the Outlander to watch. I took a chance after reading the synopsis and now I’m in love with the show and the books. Just started reading and I love it. I love reading series and spinoff books. I can’t wait for more!!! I look forward to more writing from you!!😀


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