Dreams Are What We Make Them


Far as long as I can remember, I have had this reoccurring dream about flying/falling or reverse falling. It starts out with me high above the landscape and instead of falling I am pulled upwards, but he ground never seems to get any further away. Features of the dream that stand out to me are the horizon. It’s a far off city lighting the dark horizon with glittering lights and a mountain scape further in the distance. If this sounds familiar to you? You too, may have seen ‘Explorers’ as a kid. (My dream isn’t exactly like the movie, but it is very close. No circuit board diagrams form aliens in my dream.)


I saw this movie as a child and forgot about it, but this last Saturday I saw it on Netflix. When this particular seen happens in the movie I had experienced sever déjà vu. I couldn’t tell you what happened in the movie, but several scenes were very vibrant in my memory. It was very… disconcerting.

The movie was full of plot holes and very predictable, very much a kids movie of the 80’s. Something of this movie spoke to the 8-year-old me when I first saw it and it stuck with me. I loved the idea of building a backyard spaceship. I remember a certain notebook I kept as a kid with ideas of space travel and that may or may not have started with this movie. Having watched the movie ‘Gravity’ my dreams of space travel have reverted to a “NOPE, I’m staying right here on good ole ground” status. I also recall talking to a therapist several years ago about this dream. She wrote it off a symptom of anxiety, but I think it was the crippling panic attacks that were the true symptom. So, she wasn’t wrong about the diagnosis.

There are many, and I mean many books, website, and self-help videos about dream interpretation. None of them seem to agree on what falling means in a dream let alone reverse falling. Falling dreams are some of the most common dreams people have. Dreams of flying and of teeth falling out are common, being nude in public and sex are all natural dreams that normal people have all the time, but no one can agree on what or if they mean anything. I have my own theory though, I think that that movie scared me as a kid. Simple as that it is a nightmare, and having recently seen this movie again I now know where the dream came. The dream hasn’t really scared me in a long time, so just knowing where it came form is a closed chapter.

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