The Toll by Cherie Priest

the toll

First I would like to address that I listened to the audio book, second some of the audio drags, but setting my player to 1.15 playback speed fixed it or made it less noticeable.  Spoiler Free.

This book is a take on the troll under the bridge, and it is done well.  I am not usually one for horror, I tend to keep my reviews at least to time travel sub genres. I do read a lot of other stuff, and Stephen King is one of my favorites.  Although I will never read, listen, or watch ‘IT’, I seriously am creeped out by clowns.  This book feels like a King book. Don’t get me wrong it is not a clone. It has its own voice that is very different than King’s work.  I think it was the surrealness of the events Miss Priest describes.

The book was good, real good. It was one of those books that you read/listen to in a day and feel a sad once it is over.  The ending sets itself up to have more to the story, but it has a satisfying ending.  There are some parts that I didn’t like. I feel like there is a serious lack of comeuppance for one character in particular. Maybe we will see a sequel that addresses the few loose ends that are floating around.

I really like the concept that there are 6 bridges going one way, but every now and again there might be a 7th going the other way.  The monster of the book was well thought out and described just vaguely enough to kick my imagination into overdrive.  I would love to explore the world of where the monster came from.  I love to delve deep in to this kind of lore.  There is some back story that we get a partial glimpse, but not enough to form the full picture.  The character Cameron’s backstory is something I would like explored in depth in a future sequel.  There is plenty of room in that backstory for a prequel for the cousins.

It has taken me a few days to formulate just how I felt about this book.  I think this has been one of the better novels I’ve read in the last few months if not the last year. Looking through Miss Priest’s bibliography I notice that I have read several of her book, I can confidently recommend any of her works.  The first novel I read by her was Boneshaker, and it is of the SteamPunk/zombie sub-genre.  If you like sleeping with your lights on for the next couple of weeks, check her out!

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Just a Quick Update.

I haven’t abandoned this blog, but I have been struggling with what to wright about. I have about 20 started/half-finished articles that I stopped because I felt they were preachy or did not convey my true thoughts.   It’s funny, sometimes when you sit done to write you have a clear picture of what you want to say, and then the words just come out and mean something different than you wanted. Other times you spit out a perfect article and looking back it is all a haze.


If anyone has a book, movie, or game they would like me to review, or an idea for an article that you would like to read my thoughts. Leave me a comment and we will see where this goes.


My name is Ayle, pronounced like Ale. It’s not my real name, but is the avatar name that I have used online for the longest. I think more people know me by this name than my real name. And, really who wants to go by Tad?

I decided to start this blog because I want to talk about and express my ideas on time travel. A few of my soon to be reader that know me, probably know I am obsessed with time loops or ‘Groundhog Day’ effects. Some of my favorite movies and books involve this phenomenon.

I plan to use this blog to review and discus movies, TV shows and books that involve this phenomenon. I myself have attempted to write a novel on this subject, but I have lost my inspiration, and I hope this will help me get it back. So, enough of introductions and now on to blog posts.