Dreams Are What We Make Them


Far as long as I can remember, I have had this reoccurring dream about flying/falling or reverse falling. It starts out with me high above the landscape and instead of falling I am pulled upwards, but he ground never seems to get any further away. Features of the dream that stand out to me are the horizon. It’s a far off city lighting the dark horizon with glittering lights and a mountain scape further in the distance. If this sounds familiar to you? You too, may have seen ‘Explorers’ as a kid. (My dream isn’t exactly like the movie, but it is very close. No circuit board diagrams form aliens in my dream.)


I saw this movie as a child and forgot about it, but this last Saturday I saw it on Netflix. When this particular seen happens in the movie I had experienced sever déjà vu. I couldn’t tell you what happened in the movie, but several scenes were very vibrant in my memory. It was very… disconcerting.

The movie was full of plot holes and very predictable, very much a kids movie of the 80’s. Something of this movie spoke to the 8-year-old me when I first saw it and it stuck with me. I loved the idea of building a backyard spaceship. I remember a certain notebook I kept as a kid with ideas of space travel and that may or may not have started with this movie. Having watched the movie ‘Gravity’ my dreams of space travel have reverted to a “NOPE, I’m staying right here on good ole ground” status. I also recall talking to a therapist several years ago about this dream. She wrote it off a symptom of anxiety, but I think it was the crippling panic attacks that were the true symptom. So, she wasn’t wrong about the diagnosis.

There are many, and I mean many books, website, and self-help videos about dream interpretation. None of them seem to agree on what falling means in a dream let alone reverse falling. Falling dreams are some of the most common dreams people have. Dreams of flying and of teeth falling out are common, being nude in public and sex are all natural dreams that normal people have all the time, but no one can agree on what or if they mean anything. I have my own theory though, I think that that movie scared me as a kid. Simple as that it is a nightmare, and having recently seen this movie again I now know where the dream came. The dream hasn’t really scared me in a long time, so just knowing where it came form is a closed chapter.

[HYPE] Stormaddedon to Destroy Oklahoma [\end HYPE]

I survived the storms last night.  A few downed branches and leaves….EVERYWHERE, but I survived.  I lost power twice and internet didn’t come back on untill this morning. There were no hail dents on my car. The only damages that I found were a blown over trashcan and a cracked pane of glass in my spare room.

Work this morning was surprisingly mild.  We only had one major event that did not resolve itself. After an energetic night storm like this we usually have four or five sites that are down for one reason or another.

I understand the dangers of powerful storms, I’ve lived in oklahoma most of my life. It is nothing new, but the storm hype seems to grow each year.  I don’t think the TV channels make a lot of money by preempting everything (even commercials) on a storm night.  I have seen several FB post and tweets angry with the preempting of the entire night. Saying that they only need to interrupt TV when danger is impending.  I think it might be too late if they do, but I can’t help think that it isn’t done out of pure goodness and interest in public safety.

As it turns out I am not wrong that they don’t do it out of the goodness of their hearts. If a television station that has weather service does not preempt TV for a disaster warning they can lose their FCC license. The guidelines say that tv stations are free to use the airways as long as it is clear that they are providing a public service.

‘…each radio and television licensee is required by law to operate its station in the “public interest, convenience and necessity.”’ – FCC

In effect they are providing this public service in their own self interest. This trade off benefits both parties.  The hype though, that needs to stop.  I have been reading FB posts for a week before this storm.

Weather Fright

For the last week the weathermen have been going crazy predicting the perfect storm conditions for today.  I have my doubts, but I also do not have a storm shelter.  If indeed a tornado is headed my way I race the 5 miles to the nearest public shelter or I head to the office.

The public shelter is a truck stop that is near I-40, we all hunker down in their showers (I hesitate to say smelly, unpleasant chemical odor is more appropriate.) and wait out the storm.  I have done this on multiple occasions and have had some very interesting chats with cross country truckers.

One such conversations was with a couple from England that had come to the U.S. by Canada.  They enjoyed the open road so much they decided to do it full time, alternating driving shifts as often as they could.  They had been married for 30 years and been truck driving as a couple for the last 20 years. They truly seemed happy. They had owned a tattoo shop in Edinburgh Scotland before moving to Canada to join some friends on a business venture that fell through and left them stranded across the ocean, broke, and homeless/countryless.

We talked for a couple of hours and I wish I had thought to exchange email addresses or some other contact information.  I think about them sometimes. In my darker thoughts on life, their happiness reminds me that not all is lost, no matter how lost you are.

Another time, I met a biker that was very upset at being stopped by this storm.  He was trying to get home to Arizona and had had nothing but bad luck on his journey.  When I said he was a biker that might not be the right term. This was his first long trip on a bike and he was clearly disillusioned with the road life.  As we talked I learned that he had quit his job and bought a bike. He felt trapped in his life and needed something new, but I think this wasn’t what he wanted.  Now he just wanted to go home and wash off the road dirt, sell the bike, and work a dead end job till he died.  The grass is always greener…

Now with this pending weather event, that may or may not happen, I will probably will be sitting in a public shower with strangers, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. I think I might be looking forward to it.

Let Me Count The Ways

True time travel (yes, it’s possible) is called time dilation.  The faster you go the slower time will pass. This is the core of Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity.  As I have explained to my son, a scientific theory is not the same definition as a theory.  Scientific Theory is taking all the available information and forming an explanation of the natural world using the scientific method and repeated testing. You may be wrong, but with the information at hand that may be the only explanation.  As you gather more data points form experimentation and testing, you can adjust your theory to fit your data.  Just because your initial theory was incomplete doesn’t mean it is wrong. That is the great thing about science, once you learn more you can make better and more stable theories.

There are many effects on time, and there are several theories about time and space. Speed effect on time works like this, if the Earth were to come to a sudden and complete stop, no spin, no rotation around the sun, and no movement in the Milky Way galaxy, time would be faster for us that it is now. Not by much but it would be measurable.  On the other side of this idea is the faster you go the slower you experience time.

There are universal speed limits though, nothing can go faster than the speed of light and nothing is slower than a full stop. The amount of energy to accelerate an object close to the speed of light is exponentially greater the faster you go. The energy to go from %99.99 light speed to %100 light speed is would be infinitely greater than %99.98 to %99.99.  It is impossible to achieve. If you traveled at %99.99 the speed of light time would dilate for you, and from your perspective you would have time traveled into the future.  There have been several experiments with nuclear clocks that prove this theory.

A full stop, could be achieved by showing down the molecules in your body, by cryogenesis, or freezing. It’s the unfreezing that’s the tricky part.  If you were frozen today for 1000 years when you were revived, to your perspective you would have traveled into the world of tomorrow.  At absolute zero, all molecular movement stops, but it cannot be achieved by thermodynamics alone. Scientist have come close and discovered quantum effects like superconductivity and superfluidity, but have not achieved a complete molecular stop.

Gravity is theorized to have an effect on time as well.  Gravity slows time the greater the gravity the slower time passes. Black holes are so dense, and the gravity is so great that even light cannot escape. If you entered a black hole you would never experience the entry into the black hole (you would probably be dead, but if you didn’t die…).  Time would stop and you would forever be on the edge of the event horizon.  If by some miracle you were able to pull away from the black hole and return to earth, again from your perspective, you would have time traveled into the future.

These effects on time only dilate time and give the appearance of forward in time travel.  In the travelers point of view he has traveled in time to the future. Traveling back in time that is a whole other problem. Paradoxes that would result from stepping on a butterfly in the primordial past could alter the present so greatly that you would not recognise it.  There are several multiverse theories that prevent a paradox.  If you did travel from the present into the past and squashed a bug that would alter the present, maybe it just spawns a second universe line from that point forward leaving the original intact.  One with the living bug and one with it dead.  (If you don’t know what a paradox or a multiverse is, never fear there are many web pages that can explain them to you.  You may need to time travel into the past to read them all, but they are there.)

It may be that time travel into the past can never happen.  If it did happen would it even really be time travel and not just hopping onto another parallel world?

In reality we are all time travelers, we are passing through time in a bubble of about 2 to 3  seconds called the present.  We are trapped in this bubble, zooming along time. Even if we experience time dilation, once it has ended we are back in the same present as the rest of the universe.

Delusions, Fooling Yourself.

When I as a kid, for a short time, I felt that I was watched. Watched all the time, like some little blue gnome was right behind my head, and no one but I could see him. Even I couldn’t see him since he was behind my head, and no matter how fast I moved he was always right behind me.

Then I discovered the infinite mirror image that let me see behind my head and there was no gnome just me.   I felt relieved, but I still felt watched. Deep down I knew there wasn’t really a gnome following me watching my every move, but it was kind fun trying to catch the little bugger off guard relaxing.

The feeling passed after a few weeks, but I felt kind of violated. That my own privacy had been taken away even when it hadn’t. I guess that is better than a friend of mine from grade school. He suffered from the delusion that everyone in the world was a robot or an alien, or something not human and he was the only human left. He was somehow on display for the universe to examine, kind of like the movie ‘Truman Show’ but more sinister.

Most of the time he was just a normal kid; running, playing, jumping, screaming, you know kid stuff. Then sometimes he would freak out and have a panic attack because the world wasn’t real. When these times happened and I was around I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t comfort him and reassure him, because in his mind I was a fabrication.

We only truly exist within our own minds. What I experience as reality could be a delusion. Each of us experiences the universe form a unique point of view, but I can’t prove that you experience anything. You could be a construct of my mind, or you could be an organic robot here to tend to my psychological needs. I am content to believe that you are a human being and have your own view of the universe. I think most of us share this belief even if you don’t express it in the same way.

“I think, therefor I am.” This is a profound philosophical statement. I only exist because I am consciously observing the universe around me. Society only exists because of the collective conciseness that binds us together to be observed by one another. We are all in the minds of each other therefor[where] we exist.